Life Vision 6 Week Self Coaching Program

taught by Aleasa Word
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Aleasa Word
Aleasa Word

About the Instructor

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You can't go on living life the way you have. Who wants to stay stuck in the same rut? You know there's a better avenue, but putting things in order to get there isn't something that's happened quite yet? With this 6 week self life vision coaching program you'll have the life renewal you need as YOU START making sustainable changes to push you forward in your life and career. Filled with tips, questions and checkpoints , it's like having a coach in a box but you open it when you want instead of waiting to schedule a phone call.

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Text
8 PDFs
3 Audios
1 Presentation

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Uncover What Your Life is All About
Week 2: Moving Forward With A Reflective Foundation
Week 3: Defining Goals for Lasting Success
Week 4: Staying the Course and Understanding Beliefs